Civil Engineering


Our Story

2IM Group, LLC is a multi-disciplined civil engineering firm that began in February 2006. Our experience includes working on Illinois and Chicago Departments of Transportation, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, county and municipal highway and roadway projects.

Additionally, we have worked with Mouchel of the United Kingdom on various drainage projects and K-Plus, LLC on a project in Canada. The project scopes include: Phase I studies and investigation; Phase II plans, specifications and engineer’s cost estimates; and Phase III construction engineering services. In addition to highway and roadway improvements, we have designed parking lots and related civil aspects for public and private site developments.


Our Focus

Although we have worked on all aspects of civil engineering projects, our focus is hydraulic reports, drainage design, erosion & sediment control plans and construction inspection.  By concentrating on these civil engineering fields we can assess the drainage problems, design cost effective solutions and ensure the plans are constructed to the clients’ specifications.  In addition to designing to meet current stormwater guidelines, we seek to develop Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), which aim to improve stormwater quality, reduce or delay stormwater quantity and provide an environmental or public amenity, on all our projects.

Our staff has designed stormwater quality improvement devices for highway projects and public parklands.  Examples include a combination of bio-infiltration and wetland swales along Interstate 294 in Cook County, Illinois.  We also have designed stormwater attenuation systems to reduce flood impact on the receiving system.  In 2009, 2IM Group wrote the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Erosion Control and Water Quality Field Guide for Construction Inspectors.

Our Engineers

Our engineering staff consists of Licensed Illinois Professional Engineers and support staff that is proficient with various computer programs including, Hydrologic and Hydraulic modeling software and various CADD programs.  We are registered on the U.S. Central Contractors Registration database as a Small Business Enterprise for civil engineering design.  We are pre-qualified with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in Freeway and Roads & Streets design, Hydraulic Reports (Complex & Typical), Location Drainage Studies, Reconstruction & Major Rehabilitation and Construction Inspection and with the Chicago Department of Transportation in Residential & Industrial Street Design, Roadway & Roadside Enhancements and Streetscape Designs.

Our Quality Management System requires that we implement a ‘lessons learned’ list at the end of each project, which is compiled with the input of all the involved stakeholders.  We strive to use the experience gained from each assignment to improve the quality and efficiency on subsequent projects, therefore continually delivering a better product to our clients.
At 2IM Group, we believe that the best method to improve our designs is to constantly enhance our knowledge base. 

Our employees have been on committees to develop erosion and sediment control seminars and drainage design seminars, including sustainable drainage systems.  The combination of professional expertise and continuing education gives 2IM Group, LLC an added value that is evident in our designs.